The mission of BCLS is to provide professional Chinese course that are flexible to the needs of people want to study Chinese and where Chinese class is carried out in an Enjoyable and Quick Way.
Beijing Chinese Language School (BCLS) was organized to meet the requirements of our students who work and reside in Beijing. Our goal is to provide an Enjoyable way of learning Chinese while allowing a great deal of flexibility for busy people.

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BCLS Staff

BCLS has over 35 experienced teachers and 5 Professors who review our curriculum and offer training and advice to our educators.

Professional Training adviser

Li Sunhua -- Vice-Headmaster of BCLS

BCLS Advisory Group members, linguistics expert, is responsible for BCLS course and curriculum system development, teacher training, etc…


Wang Zhentang -- Vice-Headmaster of BCLS

BCLS Advisory Group members, expert in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language , is mainly responsible for BCLS course and curriculum system development, teacher training, teaching supervision and professional guidance . Engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language for more than 40 years, have taught students with different levels, different ages and different backgrounds. Especially the training for the diplomats and military attaches from dozens of countries, has had excellent effect.



Liu tong

BCLS principal, has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language studying on effective teaching methods for many years. He is proficient in the teaching systems of different type of courses, and experienced in teaching students from elementary, intermediate to advanced level. Based on his rich experience and his understanding on professional study in the field of linguistics and teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, he has formed his unique teaching style. He has published guide book for preparation of HSK examination.




Teaching staff

Ma zhiyi(Dean)

Dynamic teaching style, equipped with not only professional skills in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, but also profound knowledge of Chinese culture. She has had 8 years of Chinese teaching experience, and her students are from all over the world. Some of them are: USA embassy diplomats, executives and employees of Sony-Ericsson company etc… competent for all levels and various types of courses.


Zhao xia

15 years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, which cover courses of different types and in various levels from elementary to advanced level. She stresses that further social and cultural background should be introduced into Chinese language teaching, and helps students maximize the capability of writing and oral expression this way. moreover, She always becomes good friend of her students.


Guo li

Lively, enthusiastic, patient and experienced in multiple levels of instruction for adults and children. Her students are from many companies including: CEO of SK company, 7-11 company general manager’s wife and children, foreign experts of Xinhua News Agency, managers of British petroleum company BP. after-school class and pre-exam intensive class for Primary and secondary school students is also her strength.


Zhao Yi wei

Enthusiastic, professional and patient, her classes have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, emphasising the interaction with students to create a pleasant environment for effective learning. She has five years experience teaching students of all levels including beginner students and senior international managers and also regularly provides online classes to past students who have since left Beijing. With a good level of English, she enjoys not only teaching the Chinese language but also helping her students gain an understanding of Chinese culture and Chinese people.



Yang si si

Good understanding on Chinese language and Chinese culture, be competent for courses of intermediate to advanced level, good at creating cheerful atmosphere in class. She has taught foreign expert of Physics institution of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Li Xian

As a core teacher of BCLS,Cindy boasts a rich teaching experience including HSK, intensive listening and cultural courses. Her flexible methods make her able to adapt to the individual student with lessons that are easy to understand, interactive and with a lively atmosphere. Her solid foundation in Chinese literature and writing will guide students through the learning process, providing them with a good language model for the future.


Li yue

Has been teaching Chinese as a foreign language for many years and was awarded the ICACLT (International Association of Chinese Certificate of Accreditation). Outgoing, confident, good communicator, positive, strong sense of responsibility, and enthusiastic. Especially experienced at teaching beginners, children and teenagers.



Li Fang Fang

Patient, enthusiastic and approachable, Many years teaching experience. Is competent for various levels and types of Chinese Courses. Be awarded the ICACLT ( International Association of Chinese Certificate of Accreditation). Has taught managers of major international companies such as Song-Ericsson and Peugeot as well as Saff of Foreign Embassies based in Beijing.


Li Na

Is a strong communicator with lively lessons who keeps her students enjoying themselves, interested and motivated to learn about the language and use this as a window into Chinese culture and Chinese thinking. Her many long-term students come from all over the world, of many ages and include senior professionals. She has provided particular help to students looking to improve their grammar and, through her creative techniques, shows that reading and writing Chinese characters need not be confusing.

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